Percussion Online Classes

Your best option to learn to play and make music with several percussion instruments

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Teaching Percussion to people of different ages and places

Percussion Online Classes

Learn to Play Percussion: Bongó, Conga, Cajón, Djembé, Timbal Brasilero

Online Percussion Classes, gives you a space to start percussion from scratch and learn to play and make music with the percussion instrument you like – Bongó, Cajón, Conga, Djembé or Timbal Brasilero-.

Online Percussion Classes main advantages are:

  • You learn to play percussion at the comfort of your home

  • You learn to play percussion with a personalized learning plan, which is adapted to your needs and musical interests.
  • You learn to play percussion no matter your age or your musical skills.
  • You learn to play percussion assisted by a faciltator, who helps you to:

  1. Optimize your learning times

  2. Progress faster in your learning path

  3. Avoid struggling and getting frustrated with the common errors and dificulties faced by those who chose to study alone or on a self taught modality. 

  4. Help you to stay motivated along your learning path.

Choose the instrument with which you want to learn to play percussion

You can choose among the most chosen percussion instrument to learn to play percussion: Djembé, Congas, Bongó, Cajón Peruano y Timbal Afrobrasilero.

You learn the basic technical, rhytmical and musical concept thougth The Percussion Code a universal learning method for percussion

You learn all the contents througth a simple, practical and dynamic learning method that allows you to learn to play percussion by making music.

Book your Free Trial Online Percussion Class

Book your FREE TRIAL Percussion Online Class and start your learning path

A proposal open to anyone
who wants to play percussion

You DON´T need to know anything about music to start

In the Percussion Online Classes you´ll learn al the contents needed to read music and write your own rhythms on percussion.

Percussion classes suitable for all levels

The contents in the Percussion Online Classes are structured by level and designed both for people who start from scratch, and for those who already have experience in percussion.

Personalized contents for you

Percussion Online Clases contents are personalized to your present level of knowledge and to the stage where you are in your learning path with percussion.

The online percussion classes are designed for people of all ages and they
DO NOT require you to have knowledge of music and percussion to get started.

Percussion Online
Classes offers:

Individual and face-to-face classes by video conference

I offer Live Percussion Online Clases with a teacher through various videoconferencing platforms: Zoom, Skype, Google Meet o WhatsApp. (The one you choose).

Contents for you to develop as a percussionist

In the online percussion classes all the technical, rhythmic and musical aspects necessary to learn to play the percussion instrument of your choice are addressed through a simple, practical and fun method.

Sheet Music and Videos of all the learning contents

In addition, you will have access to the "Play Percussion" Platform where you will access scores and videos of the contents that are seen in the classes, as well as various videos to organize your practice routines during the week.

A través de las clases online de percusión te ofrezco diversas propuestas

y recursos para facilitar tu desarrollo como percusionista.

Percussion Online Classes

4 classes per month

The fee for the classes is monthly and covers 4 classes per month (1 per week), lasting between 45/50 minutes.

Online Support

Permanent contact with the teacher via email /chat to clear up doubts and monitor your progress.

Online Platform for Percussion Practice Content

Access to a platform of exclusive Practice Contents.

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