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When you join to Tocar Percusion Community you will access to exclusive course, resources and practices materials that are available in our learning community.

Also you will access to different meeting spacesin which you will get in touch with other students for exchange knowledge and grupal music production.

In such as: We give you the possibility that you choose which instrument you want to start learning percussion with, being able to choose between 5 different drums: Djembé, Congas, Cajón Peruano y Timbal Afrobrasilero.

Whatever you choose, you will start your path in percussion without problems, since in all cases learning of the musical concepts of rhythm and percussion is done from the universal and comprehensive approach that provides #ThePercussionCode.

Likewise, the work of learning percussion with each of the mentioned instruments is complemented with the interaction with various percussion accessories such as: clave, cowbells, shakers and drums, which make up the percussion ensemble.

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