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Percussion Online Membership

The Percussion Online Membership offers a virtual meeting and interchange place for people interested in learning to play percussion online, but who can´t find how to share that experience with other percussion fans.  

Through Online Percussion Membership I offer you a virtual place, in which you can develope new rhytmic and percussive abilities, and, at the same time, you can challenge and put to practice all the skills and expertise as percussionist that you already have. 

Inside the Percussion Online Membership I offer a serie of short courses and collaborative activities that allow you to learn to play percussion by making music and sharing with other percussion and music lovers. 

Join to our community and access to all specials contents we have for you

By joining the Online Membership of "Play Percussion" you will have to exclusive courses, resources and practices materials that are available in our learning community.

Also you will access to different meeting spacesin which you will get in touch with other students and interchange knowledge with others percussion fans and collaboratively produce music.

All the contents of the courses and activities that are performed in the membership are designed from my percussion teaching method called named  #ThePercussionCode,  y están pensados para facilitarte para que aprendas a tocar el instrumento de percusión que elijas haciendo música. 

¡Everybody can learn to Play Percussion!,

You choose the Drum

In Tocar Percusión Online Platform te brindamos la posibilidad de que tú elijas con cuál instrumento quieres empezar aprender percusión, pudiendo optar entre 5 tambores distintos: Djembé, Congas, Bongó, Cajón Peruano y Timbal Afrobrasilero.

Whatever you choose, you will start your path in percussion without problems, since in all cases learning of the musical concepts of rhythm and percussion is done from the universal and comprehensive approach that provides #ThePercussionCode.

Likewise, the work of learning percussion with each of the mentioned instruments is complemented with the interaction with various percussion accessories such as: clave, cowbells, shakers and drums, which make up the percussion ensemble.


Online Classes

2021 Membership Launch

In May 2021 I´m lauching the new Percussion Online Membreship "Tocar Percusión", with a new platform fill with new courses and new contents so you can continue developing as a percussionist.

The places to participate in it are limited.

If you´re interested in join in the membreship get in touch to reserve your place.

We will wait for you!

All you need to know


With your membership you will be able to access all the exclusive contents of learning, study and practice of the instrument you choose, available on the Play Percussion platform. 

No, the teaching method that I propose on the site DOES NOT REQUIRE you to have prior knowledge of music and / or percussion.

No, the courses and content are available for you to use for as long as your membership on the site is valid.

In Playing Percussion, you choose with which instrument you are going to start in the world of percussion, being able to choose one of the 5 learning routes that I propose in it: Bonga, Conga, Djembé, Cajon or Timbal.

Membership can be paid monthly and automatically, or in a single annual payment. They are done through PayPal, with a credit card or with your PayPal balance.

If you are in ARGENTINA and want to implement a bank account debit, contact us and request that option.

Indeed, you can cancel your subscription at any time, always taking into account its monthly closing date.

You are interested in the Tocar Percussion proposal, but you have doubts!

¡Send us your query !, ¡All questions are welcome!.