Aprender a Tocar Percusión Online

Hi, If you´re lookin for great percussion and rhythms for your music and productions you´re in the right place. I´m the ideal guy for that job.

I have 20 years background and experience in the music business,during which I´ve participated as session musician in numerous recordings which has covered diverse musical styles and music projects.

Currently, I´m offering remote Professional Percussion Recording Services, to musician and producers all over the World.That means that the recordings session takes places in my own Professional Recording Studio and the recorded tracks are delivered to you with professional sound quality -via WeTransfer, YouSendIt or through are own server-, in order for you to add them to the mixes of your songs and productions. 

I Make all the recordings in my own Professional Recording Studio, in which I have all my percussion gear installed. 

The studio is equiped with the ultimate PC and Audio Interface, top class directional and omnidirectional microphones,and the best DAW audio recording and editing programs, in order to get the best professional sound for all the Professional Percussion Recording I deliver to musicians around the globe.

So, once the Percussion Recording process in your musical production is finish, I will deliver to you:

  • High quality Percussions Recording
  • Recording Mix: Edited, Mixed, Produced and ready to add it to your productions.
  • Individual High Quality STEMS of each recorded channel, totally compatible to use them in your music mixes.
  • If you need it, I can include the written score of the music recorded in the final product that I deliver to you.  

Leave me your questions regarding the recording of percussion in your songs and musical productions

I´m a composer, productor and Multi-Instrumentalist player.

My main instrument is Percussion, but I also play Guitar and Piano

I´ve been working in the music industry for more than 20 years, as session player, composer and producer on several musical projects,from rock and pop music, to several world music genres.

In all the musical projects I participate, I contribute with my musical creativity, professional percussionist performance, musical open mind and work commitment to achieve the objectives of the project.

Mi background as percussionist is very diverse, because in my live and studio gigs I cover various percussion instruments: Congas, Bongo, Peruvian Cajon, Djembé, Pandeiro, Bombo and various percussion accessories -Shekeré, Shakers, Caxixis, Afoxé, Güiro, Cencerros, Claves, etc.-, which I use to play  different musics, both from Afro Roots -African, Afro-Latin, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Peruvian, South American, etc.-, as well as to repertoires of pop, rock, funk, electronic music,among others.

You can also hire me in:

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Regarding the needs of the various clients I work with, I currently offering to musicians and producers from all over the world a vast and diverse Remote Professional Percussion Recording Services, which includes from recording a single backing instrument in a single song to composing and recording an arrangement or percussion ensemble.

Likewise, I make all kinds of recordings gigs which includes from the recording of a single song to the production and recording of musical arrengements that includes several percussions instruments on various songs, EPs and Record Productions.

As for the musical approach, from my musical experience I perform with solvency in a wide musical spectrum that goes from African music to pop and rock, through Afro-Latin, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Peruvian and South American music.

In relation to percussion, I offer you the possibility of recording a vast arsenal of percussion instruments in your songs and musical productions such as: Congas, Bongó, Cajón Peruano, Djembé, Pandeiro, Bombo y diversos accesorios de percusión -Shekeré, Shakers, Caxixis, Afoxé, Güiro, Cencerros, Claves, etc.-, which I use to play  

The work flow of the recording process that I propose is simple and consists of the following stages:

  1. Initially, once you decide to hire my services, we´ll talk briefly about the specific details of the music approach of you project in order to align the Percussion Recording I´m going to make with your musical goals.

  2. To start the recording I´ll need the reference track of the song in which you are going to include the percussion, I´ll record. Additionally, I´ll need the BPM in which the song was recorded,because It facilitate the recordind and edition process -if you don´t have it or know it, don´t worry I will use the reference track only-. And last, I will ask you to share with me some musical references in audio or video, which you think are similar to the sound and the spirit that you want for the percussions I´m going to record in your song.

  3. Once the Recording Process is started,I will keep regular contact with you in order to keep you informed about the progress of the recording. Likewise, I will send you demos of what I´m recording, for you to evaluate and approve the work progress 

  4. In the usual work flow, if you approve the demo then I will move foward with the recording and final production adjustments in order to deliver the final product done - MIX y/o STEMS of each recorded chanel-. In the case that you want to changes something, we´ll talk about the specific modifications that you want and I ´ll continue recording until I get to the musical idea that you have in mind. and deliver the final product done.

Do not hesitate, leave me your query!