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| Bongó | Conga | Cajón | Djembé | Timbal Brasilero |

Online Percussion Classes

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Hi!, Welcome to Tocar percusión.

Did you know that among the different options you can find to learn to play percussion, the Percussion Online Classes are one of the best and most chosen option among beginner percussion students.

Online percussion classes main adventages are:

  • You learn to play the percussion instrument that you like at the comfort of you home

  • You learn to play percussion with a personalized class plan, which is adapted to your needs and the music that you like

  • You learn to play percussion no matter your age and musical skills

  • You learn to play percussion accompanied and assisted by a facilitator, who will help to:
    1. Optimize your learning times
    2. Progress faster
    3. Avoid struggling and getting frustrated with the most common errors and difficulties faced by those who choose to study alone
    4. Keep motivated along the way

So that you can verify everything I told you, I invite you to book a Free Trail Online Percussion Class, in which you will be able to evaluate my theaching method and my skills as a facilitator.

You can book the class just by clicking in the button below.

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To book your Free Trial Percussion Online Class, first check the time availability in the calendar below, and choose the day and hour that works best for you.

(Read it before making the Booking)

  • Before confirming the booking, please check the right hour on your time zone.
    The calendar hours are set to GMT-3
    (Convert to my time zone).


  • Telephone provided for the reservation should be a cellular and has to include the country code and the city code [+XX (XXX) cellular number].


  • Online class reservations will not be taken less than 24 hours in advance, that is, do not reserve a class for the same day you´re making the booking.
  • Please in Details area  of the Booking form, specify which instrument you want to learn to play -Bongó, Conga, Cajón, Djembé-, and tell me a little about your learning path on percussion.
  • Online Percussion Classes are taught by Google Meet.


  • The free trial class last 15 minutes and is Free.

To join in you´ll need:

  • A device with internet access and webcam: Pc,  Notebook,  Netbook, Tablet,  Celular.


  • The instrument you want to learn to play
    -Instruments included: Bongó, Conga, Cajón Djembé y Timbal Brasilero-.