Curso Online Gratis de Percusión: CONGAS

Ingresá y accedé al curso gratuito con el que iniciarás tu camino en el aprendizaje de la percusión. 

Welcome to Tocar Percusión!

Hi!, My name is Facundo Alvarez and I Welcome you to "Tocar Percusión", a website designed to open the doors to the world of percussion and give you access to all the necessary resources for you to learn to play and make music with percussion instruments, through a simple, fun and suitable method for all audiences, which does not require you to have previous knowledge of music.

I have created the “Tocar Percusión” community, with the aim of providing a focused learning experience, both in your development as a percussionist, and in helping you to implement what you have learned in the production of music based on rhythm and percussion.

Put the percussion in your hands

In Tocar Percusión you will find several resources which will facilitate your journey of learning to play percussion, through a simple and fun method with whom you will learn by making music with different percussion instruments.

For it I propose you a learning process in which the percussion ensemble will be the main space in where you gonna a develop the musical practices of the contents you will learn, while you´ll experience the different roles a percussionist playas in percussion group or in a music band..

Learn at your pace

Contents are available 24/7 so that you can adapt the study plan to your needs and schedules.

Progresive and gradual method

Percussion online clases offer you a gradual learning method which gives you all the necessary contents to develop as a percussionist, in an orderly and clear way.

Learn by making music

You will learn to play percussion in a practical and playful way, throught musical activities and challenges in which you will put in to play the knowledges and skils you will acquire.

Evaluation and feedback

Tocar Percusión offers you several communication channels to share and exchange knowledge and experiences with all the members of the community, so you can constantly evaluate your progress.

¡Everybody can learn to Play Percussion!,

10 Key Skills You Will Improve As You Learn

Musical Language

Your musical vocabulary will increase and you will improve your ability to express yourself musically.


By learning to play percussion by making music, you will constantly stimulate and develop your ability to express musical ideas.

Hands technique and sound

Through a gradual and conscious hand technique training, you will improve your sound in the instrument.

Rhythmic Skill

The mindset that #The Percussion Code gives you will allow you to understand and approach the most diverse rhythms through percussion

Active listening

Your listening skills will be refined, improving your understanding of various musical contexts.

Body management

By increasing your conscious handling of your body, you will develop a more organic way of playing, allowing you to flow to the rhythm of your musical ideas.


Constant feedback between learning and musical practica will stimulate an increasing development of your musical creativity.

Sense of tempo

Training with the instrument will allow you to strengthen one of the basic functions of percussion, maintaining the pulse.

Confidence and self esteem

The achievements and objectives that you will overcome along your "Learning Path" will enable you to develop a growing mastery of the instrument.


That you play, experiment and have fun with percussion, is the main objective of the learning path that I am proposing.

¡Start you journey in percussion today!