Online Classes

The best proposal

to start your path in Percussion

20 years of experience teaching

to Play Percussion to people of different ages and places.

Learn at your own pace

Percussion Online Classes are personalized and all the contents included in them are adapted to your learning pace and to the point in which you´re in your percussion learning path.

Progresive and gradual method

Percussion online clases offer you a gradual learning method which gives you all the necessary contents to develop as a percussionist, in an orderly and clear way.

Learn by making music

In the Percussion Online Classes you´ll will learn to play percussion in a practical and playful way, through learning activities and musical challenges in which you´ll put into play all the knowledge and skils you are acquiring.

Evaluation and feedback

La Plataforma Tocar Percusión te permite mantener contacto permanente con el docente para poder consultar y despejar cualquier duda que te surja con la práctica semanal de los contenidos que se ven en las clases.

A proposal open to any one

who wants to play percussion

You DON´T need to know anything about music to start

In the Percussion Online Classes you´ll learn al the contents needed to read music and write your own rhythms on percussion.

Percussion classes suitable for all levels

The contents in the Percussion Online Classes are structured by level and designed both for people who start from scratch, and for those who already have experience in percussion.

Personalized contents for you

Percussion Online Clases contents are personalized to your present level of knowledge and to the stage where you are in your learning path with percussion.

The online percussion classes are designed for people of all ages

and they DO NOT require you to have knowledge of music and percussion to get started.

¡Everybody can learn to Play Percussion!,

Online Classes
te ofrecen:

Individual and face-to-face classes by video conference

I offer Live Percussion Online Clases with a teacher through various videoconferencing platforms: Zoom, Skype, Google Meet o WhatsApp. (The one you choose).

Contents for you to develop as a percussionist

In the online percussion classes all the technical, rhythmic and musical aspects necessary to learn to play the percussion instrument of your choice are addressed through a simple, practical and fun method.

Sheet Music and Videos of all the learning contents

Además, tendrás acceso a la Plataforma “Tocar Percusión” donde accederás a partituras y videos de los contenidos que se ven en las clases, así como también a diversos videos para organizar tus rutinas de práctica durante la semana.

Through the Percussion Online Classes I offer you various proposals

and resources to facilitate your development as a percussionist.

¡Empezá tu camino en la percusión hoy !

Modalidad de Clases Online de Percusión

4 classes per month

The fee for the classes is monthly and covers 4 classes per month (1 per week), lasting between 45/50 minutes.

Online Support

Permanent contact with the teacher via email /chat to clear up doubts and monitor your progress.

Online Platform for Percussion Practice Content

Access to a platform of exclusive Practice Contents.

You choose the Drum

In Tocar Percusión Online Platform We give you the possibility to choose which instrument you want to start learning percussion with, being able to choose between 5 different drums: Djembé, Congas, Bongó, Cajón Peruano y Timbal Afrobrasilero.

Whatever you choose, you will start your path in percussion without problems, since in all cases learning of the musical concepts of rhythm and percussion is done from the universal and comprehensive approach that provides #ThePercussionCode.

Likewise, the work of learning percussion with each of the mentioned instruments is complemented with the interaction with various percussion accessories such as: clave, cowbells, shakers and drums, which make up the percussion ensemble.

You are interested in the Tocar Percussion proposal, but you have doubts!

¡Send us your query !, ¡All questions are welcome!.

Free Online

Online Classes

¡Learn to play your first rhythm on percussion!

I invite you to take any of the Free Online Percussion Courses I´m offering in Tocar Percusión site. Through them you can know my work as facilitator, my teaching percussion method and the different contents that I offer to you to facilitate to learn to play percussion and develop as a percussionist.

Participation in these Online Percussion Courses is absolutely free. Also, previous music and percussion knowledge aren´t required to take any of these courses.

¡Start now, Wait no more!