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Contents are available 24/7 so that you can adapt the study plan to your needs and schedules.

Progresive and gradual method

Percussion online clases offer you a gradual learning method which gives you all the necessary contents to develop as a percussionist, in an orderly and clear way.

Learn by making music

You will learn to play percussion in a practical and playful way, throught musical activities and challenges in which you will put in to play the knowledges and skils you will acquire.

Evaluation and feedback

Tocar Percusión offers you several communication channels to share and exchange knowledge and experiences with all the members of the community, so you can constantly evaluate your progress.

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I offer you on Tocar Percusion´s Platform

Percussion Courses

Online Percussion Classes individual and face-to-face through videoconference.

In the Online Percussion Classes I teach you to play several percussion instrument, such as:Cajón, Conga, Djembé, Timbal y Bongó.

The Percussion Online Classes are are suitable for all levels (Begginer, Intermediate and Advanced).

The contents of the classes are personalized to your level of Knowledge and to the stage in which you´re in your path with percussion.

Percussion Online Courses

Online Percussion video courses in which I teach to play several percussion instruments, such as:Cajón, Conga, Djembé, Timbal y Bongó.

The Online Percussion Courses are designed in a way that you can learn to play percussion progressively, at your pace and your time.

The Percussion Online Courses are suitable for all levels (Begginer, Intermediate and Advanced).

Percussion Online Membership

The Percussion Online Membership offers a virtual meeting and interchange place for people interested in learning to play percussion online, but who can´t find how to share that experience with other percussion fans.  

Through Online Percussion Membership I offer you a virtual place, in which you can develope new rhytmic and percussive abilities, and, at the same time, you can challenge and put to practice all the skills and expertise as percussionist that you already have. 

Inside the Percussion Online Membership I offer a serie of short courses and collaborative activities that allow you to learn to play percussion by making music and sharing with other percussion and music lovers. 

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You choose the Drum

In Tocar Percusión Online Platform We give you the possibility that you choose which instrument you want to start learning percussion with, being able to choose between 5 different drums: Djembé, Congas, Bongó, Cajón Peruano y Timbal Afrobrasilero.

Whatever you choose, you will start your path in percussion without problems, since in all cases learning of the musical concepts of rhythm and percussion is done from the universal and comprehensive approach that provides #ThePercussionCode.

Likewise, the work of learning percussion with each of the mentioned instruments is complemented with the interaction with various percussion accessories such as: clave, cowbells, shakers and drums, which make up the percussion ensemble.

Free Online

Online Membership

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I invite you to take any of the Free Online Percussion Courses I´m offering in Tocar Percusión site. Through them you can know my work as facilitator, my teaching percussion method and the different contents that I offer to you to facilitate to learn to play percussion and develop as a percussionist.

Participation in these Online Percussion Courses is absolutely free. Also, previous music and percussion knowledge aren´t required to take any of these courses.

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