Hi!, My name is Facundo Alvarez and I Welcome you to "Tocar Percusión", a website designed to facilitate the access of people of different ages to Percussion Learning.

Asyou, I also started on the path of learning percussion, as it is commonly said “from scratch”, without any knowledge or experience. Simply moved by my curiosity and my desire to make music. 

As you, I entered this wonderful world willing to experiment, test myself and learn to make music with percussion instruments. It has been, and is, a wonderful journey that has taken me much further than I initially imagined. 

In the time that I have been in this journey, I have been able to learn and develop as a professional musician and percussionist, while I also have carried out an intense task as a teacher, which has allowed me to help other people to add percussion and music as positive experiences in their lives.


Fulfilled projects

For 15 years I have dedicated myself to developing educational and recreational proposals that have the goal of facilitate access to percussion learning to people of all ages, and help them to learn to make music with various percussion instruments. 

In all the projects I´ve worked motivated by the premise that "Percussion is for everyone and that everyone can learn to play percussion", the main objective of which is to provide resources and knowledge so that more and more people access to #The Percussion Code and thus stimulate them to be encouraged to live the experience of making music with percussion instruments.

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EUMA Percussion School

For 15 years, the EUMA Percussion School has offered various options of introductory and advanced courses to students of all ages, which address the teaching of various instruments such as: conga, djembé, Peruvian cajon, timpani and various percussion accessories, and rhythms Africans, Afro-Latinos, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Brazilian, and Afro-Peruvians.

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Percussion in the School Program

This project was conceived to facilitate access to percussion and rhythm for children of all ages, with the aim of promoting the generation of spaces for collective creativity in schools. The same implemented actions in various schools and kindergartens in Argentina.

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"Ronda" Program

The Ronda program proposes meeting and exchange spaces for families and communities, in which rhythm and percussion function as links to promote intergenerational links and dialogue. The program was implemented together with various NGOs that worked to strengthen low-income families in the Provinces of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Teacher Training Courses

Through this project, various training sessions were developed for music teachers from all over Argentina, with the aim of providing them with musical training, resources, materials and pedagogical strategies, based on rhythm and percussion, so that they can use as educational tools in the framework of group and diverse teaching contexts.

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"Mundo Tambor" Educational Show

The didactic concert "Mundo Tambor" is an educational and participatory show whose main objective is to bring boys and girls of all ages closer to the rhythm, percussion instruments and African and African American musical expressions. Mundo Tambor carries out Didactic Concert tours in schools throughout Argentina. 

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The "Loops" are group experiences of collective music creation from play, percussion and voice. From them I developed a project aimed at conducting Team Building and Group Coaching trainings in different work spaces: companies, government offices, schools and community areas, with the aim that rhythm and percussion were tools to improve human relations in all those spaces.