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Welcome to Tocar Percusión!

Hi!, My name is Facundo Alvarez and I Welcome you to "Tocar Percusión", a website designed to open the doors to the world of percussion and give you access to all the necessary resources for you to learn to play and make music with percussion instruments, through a simple, fun and suitable method for all audiences, which does not require you to have previous knowledge of music.

I have created the “Tocar Percusión” community, with the aim of providing a focused learning experience, both in your development as a percussionist, and in helping you to implement what you have learned in the production of music based on rhythm and percussion.

Put the percussion in your hands

In Tocar Percusión you will find several resources which will facilitate your journey of learning to play percussion, through a simple and fun method with whom you will learn by making music with different percussion instruments.

For it I propose you a learning process in which the percussion ensemble will be the main space in where you gonna a develop the musical practices of the contents you will learn, while you´ll experience the different roles a percussionist playas in percussion group or in a music band..

Learn at your pace

Contents are available 24/7 so that you can adapt the study plan to your needs and schedules.

Progresive and gradual method

Percussion online clases offer you a gradual learning method which gives you all the necessary contents to develop as a percussionist, in an orderly and clear way.

Learn by making music

You will learn to play percussion in a practical and playful way, throught musical activities and challenges in which you will put in to play the knowledges and skils you will acquire.

Evaluation and feedback

Tocar Percusión offers you several communication channels to share and exchange knowledge and experiences with all the members of the community, so can constantly evaluate your progress.

¡Everybody can learn to Play Percussion!,

# The Percussion Code

#ThePercusionCodeis an universal learning method for learning to play percussion which I´ve developed from my 15 years background and experience as professional musician and percussion teacher, which covers all the fundamental aspects requeried in the learnind of African and Afro-american percussion,and facilitates your access to the world of the percussion and your development as percussionist..

#ThePercussionCode gives you all the technical, musical and creative resources needed for you to learn to play several percussion instrument such as:Congas, Djembé, Cajón Peruano, Timbal Brasilero, Bongó y diversos accesorios de percusión.


You choose the Drum

In Online Platform We give you the possibility that you choose which instrument you want to start learning percussion with, being able to choose between 5 different drums: Djembé, Congas, Bongó, Cajón Peruano y Timbal Afrobrasilero.

Whatever you choose, you will start your path in percussion without problems, since in all cases learning of the musical concepts of rhythm and percussion is done from the universal and comprehensive approach that provides #ThePercussionCode.

Likewise, the work of learning percussion with each of the mentioned instruments is complemented with the interaction with various percussion accessories such as: clave, cowbells, shakers and drums, which make up the percussion ensemble.

Learning Paths


The Tocar Percusión online platform offers you different interactive resources and multimedia contents; for you to learn to make music with percussion instruments, te desafíes y pongas en práctica to defy you and for youto put into practice the knowledge you will acquire. 

Through the successive instances of musical practice, you wil acquire different skils need for you to develope as a percussionist in different musical and grupal contexts-Percussion Ensemble, Music Band, etc.-.

The different contents of the site propose you a journey through the most outstanding African rhythms and the main Afro-american folk expressionssuch asthe Afro-Latin rhythms -son, rumba guaguancó, etc.-, Afro-Peruvian rhythms -festejo, landó, marinera, etc-, Afro-Caribbean rhythms -cumbia, plena, bomba, etc.- and Afro-Brazilian rhythms -samba reggae, axe, baiao,  etc-, among others.


Percussive Community

When creating Online Platform I also thought about generate a Percussive Community, that is to say a meeting and exchange point for people who are interested in learning percussion and don't find someone to share this experience with. 

The Tocar Percusión Online Platform offers several space for community members to get in touch to share experiences and knowledge of their respective learning paths, as well as to join together to create and produce music collaboratively.

Thus, by joining the Play Percussion Community, you will no longer have to continue learning percussion alone, but you will become a member of a percussion tribe that will accompany and provide feedback for your development as a percussionist. 


¡Join our community and start to play percussion!

You are interested in the Tocar Percussion proposal, but you have doubts!

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