The Percussion Code Workshop
The Key to start your learning path in percussión

¡Join the Percussion Code Workshop! Start your learning path in percussion

All contents of the workshops can be applied to severarl percussión instruments such as: Bongó, Cajón, Conga, Djembé, among others.

Do you want to learn percussion, but you don’t know where or how to start?.

Have you tried to learn with YouTube, Instagram or TikTok videos, but you didn’t get the results that you wanted?.

Have you taken percussion classes or workshops, but they didn’t worked out as you expected?

Don´t give up!, this workshop is ideal for you.


The Percussion Code - Learn to play percussionTHE PERCUSSION CODE WORKSHOPS

Percussion is your best option to start to learn and make music, because everybody can learn to play percussion, no matter your age or musical abilities.

In this Workshop I will walk you through the basics of the “Percussion Code” a learning method that will provide you with all the technical, rhythmic and musical elements to start your learning path with different percussion instruments.

Also you will learn to play the percussion in a fun and joyful way.

All the content that you´ll learn in the class can be applied to several percussion instruments such as: Conga, Bongó, Djembé, Cajón among others Hand Percussion instruments.

With this course you will take your first steps on your learning path with percussion, and you will also learn to play your first folkloric rhythm on the percussion instrument you want to play.


  • Learn the basics hand techniques to apply in playing several percussion instruments.
  • Learn the basics about rhythmics and melody (melorhythmic) applied to percussion instruments, througth the Percussion Code learning Method.
  • Learn the “Language of Percussionist”, an original and effective way to approach to playing percussion.
  • Learn the first Basic Rhytmic Cells you can play in your percussion instrument.
  • Learn to play your first afro rhythm in your percussion instrument.
  • Enjoy the fun vibe of percussion with beginners percussionist from around the world!


  • The Percussion Code Workshops Starts on Saturday, October the 8th, 2022
  • The workshops lasts 4 classes: 8th, 15th, 22th and 29th of october 2022
  •  The class will meet for four weekly 60-min live online sessions through Zoom platform
  •  The class hours are: 4 pm ET | 1 pm PT | 20:00 UTC.


  • No playing or musical experience required. This class is designed for brand new beginners players curious about playing percussion instruments such as: Conga, Bongó, Djembé, Cajón and other hand Percussión.

  • No knowledge of music notation is needed. I’ll teach how to read Percussion Notation along the class.

  • You can participate in the class with differents instruments such as: Conga, Bongó, Cajón, Djembé or any percussion instrument that you can play using your both hands.

  • If you don’t have any instrument, you can also participate with some element that you can use to play with both hands.

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